How to merge orders?

Order Editor app can help you merge 2 or multiple orders into one. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open each order in two separate windows, and put them side by side on your screen.

2. Click More actions for the order with the greater amount has the most number of items (In this scenario it is order#1007), and open Order Editor by Lion Apps. and use the search to find and add all of the items from the other order (#1930). 

3. Click Add Items to this order button and search the product that was in the other order(#1005) and add it to the order you're editing (#1007)

3. Once all of the items from the other order (1005) have been added, select Update Order button found at the top right corner and click OK on the pop-up window. This will create a new, a merged order of 1007 and 1005, and the new order number will have a suffix i.e 1007A then the original order 1007 will be canceled automatically without sending a refund.

4. Click the Mark as paid button on the new merged order (1007A).

5. The last step would be to cancel the other order (1005).

Don't forget to zero out the refund amount, uncheck Restock Items before hitting the Cancel Order button

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