Can I also use this app to replace items in the customer's order?

Question: I know that this app is made for editing orders such as quantities, additional items, additional lines for taxes and so on. But what if the customer wishes to totally cancel the item he ordered and wants to replace it with a totally different item? Can I also use this app for that?

Answer: Absolutely! This app is as much useful in replacingitems as editing orders. 

Okay, to be more specific, let us create a scenario. Let's say the customer originally ordered a pair of Good Ol' Shoes and already paid for it. So his order is now in the process of being shipped out. Everything's good, on his side and yours. All documents are organized and in place. He is now waiting for the item to be shipped out and get to his address. However, after seeing his friend post his new pair of Nice Shoes in Facebook, he suddenly realized that he wants to have the Nice Shoes too! So, he changed his mind and requested to replace his Good Ol' Shoes with two pairs of Nice Shoes instead. 

And how does that sound to you? Not a problem!It is very easy to do. Take a look at this quick video:

Here's the step by step instructions that you can read as well:

1. Click on the order that you need to modify.

2. Once the order opens, click More Actions and choose Order Editor by Lion Apps.

3. Click on the x mark just right after the order amount to delete it. 

After the item has been deleted, notice that the amount the customer has already paid is still visible on the order form. A refund amount appears after deducting the amount of taxes depending on the location.

4. Click +Add items to this order.

5. Choose Nice Shoes and change the quantity to 2.

You will notice this time that the total has now changed into $249.08 and the amount paid by the customer remains based on the original order. He now has an Outstanding Amount of $130.

6. Click Update Order.

And that's it! The item in the customer's order slip is now replaced.

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