Does the app really has the capability to send Payment Invoices to customers? How come my customer did not receive it?

Question: After I modified a customer's order, I wanted to let the customer know of his new outstanding balance and request for payment. I thought the app has the capability to send Payment Invoices but how come my customer did not receive any?

Answer: The app absolutely has the capability to send Payment Invoices. If your customer did not receive the invoice, there might be a few things that you should bear in mind or might have missed.

  • THE SENDING OF PAYMENT INVOICE IS NOT AUTOMATIC -  After any modification to any of your customers' orders, the app does not automatically send the invoice if you did not initiate it. Follow the steps below to make sure:

1. After editing an order, click Update Order to save the changes.
2. Click the drop-down menu on More Actions.
3. Click Send Payment Invoice.

  • VERIFY THE CUSTOMER'S EMAIL ADDRESS - As soon as you click Send Payment Invoice, you will be redirected to the page that has the customer's email address and the email template that goes with it. Review the email address carefully to make sure that you have it correctly and the customer will be able to receive your payment request.

  • VERIFY THAT THE REQUEST WAS SENT - After sending the request, there should be an indication that it has been sent successfully at the Notes section.

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