Sending a Payment Invoice

After modifying the customer's order based on whatever request he had, you may wonder: Now, what next? 

To answer that question, next is, you are going to send a payment invoice to the customer. This payment invoice will inform the customer of the new balance that he needs to pay based on the changes to his order. So, how do you do that? Take a look at this:

Looks so easy, right?

Here's the step by step instructions to make things even easier:

1. Launch the Order Editor app.

2. Click Go To Orders.

3. Choose the order that you had modified among the list.

4. Click the More Actions drop-down menu and choose Send Payment Invoice.

5. A template for the email message that will be sent to the customer will now appear. Enter the email address of the customer in the field provided.

At the right side of the page, the Summary of Order section should display the total amount of purchase, the amount paid by the customer, and the remaining amount due.

6. Make sure all information is correct and then click Send Payment Request.

The Payment Invoice will now be sent to the customer and it will be indicated at the right portion of the page once it is successfully sent. It's that easy!

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