Modifying Default Settings

The Lion Order Editor app has its default settings, of course, everything has. However, you can edit or modify these settings anytime depending on your preference. In this article, let us learn how to modify the default settings in the Order Editor app. Here's a short clip on how it's done:

Now if you'd prefer reading the steps, here are they:

1. Launch the app.

2. Scroll down just a little to get to the Default Settings section.

3. Check the boxes, or uncheck, depending on your preference. The first box, if checked, will enable sending emails to customers when their order is edited, as obviously shown. The second one will automatically cancel the previous order and create a new one with the updated details. The third one would allow you to manually compute the taxes if you added a tax line to an order, instead of automatically calculating it.

Note: By defaults, only the second box is checked, which you can uncheck as well anytime depending how you want it.

In the image above, we checked the first box.

4. Click Save Settings.

And that's it! Simple,easy steps that you can do anytime.

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