What is the Lion Order Editor app and how does it work?

Do you often have trouble modifying orders on your online store? Do you find it too much hassle and difficult to organize?

Worry no more! The Order Editor app from Lion apps is here to help organize edits and modifications to the orders on your online store, making life much easier. This app allows you to edit orders for your customers should they wish to have any changes on their orders, and even send them requests for payments of outstanding balances.

The Lion Order Editor works through the following:

  • First, you open the Orders page and choose which order on the list needs to be modified.
  • Second, you edit the order and do all necessary changes.
  • Third, as soon as you saved all changes, a new order will be created and the previous one will be cancelled.  Though this feature is optional, it is highly recommended to enable it for restocking purposes. This also prevents duplicates and confusions.
  • Fourth, the new order will now appear on the list with all the updated details in it.

And you're done! Sounds cool, right? For step-by-step instructions, click here.

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